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Important Update From The Birmingham County FA

Since the start of the season, there has been an unprecedented number of player and referee abuse which has taken place across the Birmingham County FA region.

The following shocking grassroots statistics are from within our County FA boundary alone, all within the first three months of this 21-22 season.

192 misconduct charges to date including:

  • 54 abandoned matches with 23 of these in youth football with the youngest being spectators at an under 9 match!!! With some of these Clubs being England Football (Charter Standard) accredited!

  • 2 assaults/attempted assaults on Match Officials with between five year and ten year football suspensions and possible criminal prosecutions pending!!!

  • 11 cases of threatening behaviour towards a Match Official with sanctions of between 56 and 182 day suspensions pending!!!

If those statistics aren’t bad enough, the Birmingham County FA have already received 36 discrimination and hate crime cases with some already proven and perpetrators serving suspensions from the game and some facing criminal prosecution.

It’s time to think of young players, referees and spectators, who all enjoy grassroots football.

Please play your part in helping to create a positive and safe environment for all players and referees so that everyone can enjoy football without witnessing the disgraceful thuggish behaviour which is threatening our game.

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